Acne Care

It may seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily or blemished complexion, it will actually be the most effective treatment. 

We recommend minimal invasion to the skin in general. No harsh actives, soaps or synthetics to disrupt the pH levels of your face. A daily Gressa Ritual includes a balancing cleanser, toner and nourishing oil to keep your skin supple and breakout-free. We recommend a twice per week treatment to keep your pores clean for the clearest skin of your life. 


Aging Gracefully

A bit about our take on aging.

Here at Gressa we do not believe at changing, reversing or 'fixing' the traces of smiles, sun kisses and life long wisdom. Instead, we believe in aging gracefully because there isn't a product out there that will stop aging altogether. And why would we want to freeze ourselves in time anyway? Time lines (some call them wrinkles) are a beautiful thing and a privilege in our humble opinion. 

Natural moisture production is key to dehydrated and/or maturing skin.  However, it is important to make sure you are not overusing heavy products that slow down skin's natural production of oil and water. 

Your daily ritual should include a moisturizing face cleanser, gentle toner and a nourishing oil to complete your Gressa Moisturizing Ritual.  A once per week treatment is essential to help regenerate top layers of the skin in order for your skin to best absorb your skincare nutrients. 

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Balancing Cleanser




Contour + Highlight

Focus On The Eyes



This year I want to dive deep into self through mythological archetypes. 2020 has come to be a year of trials for everyone. When the storm passes the biggest trial remains: finding out the truth about ourselves.

Who is she? Seductress? Sage? Maiden? The truth that we will find through brutal transparency with ourselves is that we are all those women in one. Now, let's take off the masks (literally, take off the face masks) and play. 

Life’s journey has been written and rewritten, acted and reimagined by artists through generations. I’m an artist of my own life’s journey. I’d like to invite you to put on your pink glasses and join me. Let's dig deeper, let's use decorations. It's the holiday season after all. 

Lip Boost






Three products we swear by: Balancing Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Purifying Oil. Your skin will thrive and after a short 3 weeks you'll see your skin improve with more balanced, clear, plump and glowing complexion.


Balanced skin should remain in harmony with a consistent daily and nightly ritual of cleansing, toning and nourishing. A weekly treatment will keep skin balanced, supple and glowing.
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