Your Face Plus One Product Equals Luminous Glow

Your Face Plus One Product Equals Luminous Glow

Good Morning Beauty!

One of the hardest beauty finds is the right foundation. It must provide sufficient coverage but not feel heavy; care for your skin without causing any issues in the long run.  

In all honesty, a foundation should be used sparingly. A few drops here and there to even out problem areas and you are done. 



 Trying a simpler, more conscious way of life also coincides with taking the best possible care of your skin. 


Once you got ahold of your holy grail foundation, there is a simple trick that will make your skin glow like a baby. Why would you want to glow like a baby? Because their skin is so supple and smooth it reflects light.  

So, how do you achieve the baby glow?

In just a couple of drops of the Illuminating Serum.  As a side bonus, it will also care for your skin with its gorgeous repairing serum base. Hit up the the spots on your face where the sun would naturally hit the skin: make a 'C' shape around the eyes bringing it down to cheekbones, mid-forehead, center of your nose, cupid's bow and mid-chin. There. Now you're luminous. 

As a general rule, take time to take your makeup off at night, exfoliate the dead cells, just really look after your skin to keep that natural glow. Then, a little illuminator.

With love,


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