Svetlana's daily glow ritual

Svetlana's daily glow ritual

Hello beautiful,

I love to introduce my products to women all over the world. I love it for many reasons. Each story, each testimony makes me think of the next steps to take to influence health through beauty with skin that glows, whether you woke up like this, or not.

A client the other day wrote a glowing review about her beauty ritual with Gressa. She was so grateful we created a brand "that doesn't make you feel like a system defying hippy, but more a well informed modern lady!" Yes! I couldn't have said it better myself. 

We all live in a modern world. We lack water, sleep, the sun (some have too much sun). We do not live in a forest, we use deodorant (here's a great one), we wash our hair. Anyway, you get the point. As Chanel puts it, “luxury is the opposite of vulgarity.” I’d like to think that by luxury she meant civility.

I think part of being kind to yourself is judging yourself less in every aspect of your life. This includes your beauty ritual. So, if you live in a realistic ultra-busy, modern world like I do. Here are a few beauty hacks that I promise will restore your glow today and permanently with consistent use. Whether you slept 8 hours or no hours (I'm a mom, I'd pay for sleep if I could)! Oh, and all that comes minus the unhealthy chemicals of the conventional beauty products. 


I hope you're having a beautiful day.

With love,


3 products I use daily for glowing skin

STEP ONE: Start with cleansed skin, always! Prepare your skin with this gorgeous toner. I swear by this gem. Spray a few times per day, watch your skin improve over the next couple of weeks. And, it smells like heaven. I’m sure there are Bulgarian Roses in heaven. 

STEP TWO: As my skin is still damp from the Purifying Mist, I apply 4 drops of Purifying Oil. This is the most understated beauty oil. It is packed with vitamin A, E, C, the perfect balance of essential fatty acids and precious oils that will transform my skin into a perfect glowing canvas. 

Now that I’m done prepping my skin. It’s time for my favorite transformative step: The Minimalist. 

I know you’ve been hurt in the past. “Foundation that improves your complexion.” BB, CC, ZZ creams packed with a thousand ingredients. It’s ok. Let it go. Trust this little magic in a bottle. It does what it says today and tomorrow and a month later. It’s oil based, the only one of its kind. Anyway, it’s my baby, so I’m going to say she is the best as every mother does. But the reality is, it’s turning non-believers into pioneers.  Women everywhere are diving into the Gressa philosophy of counterintuitive beauty head first and not looking back. For every Minimalist foundation bottle bought, there is a lonely silicone-ridden foundation abandoned or even tossed away. I just hope they are properly recycled. ;)


STEP THREE: Shake. Drop. Buff.  These are the three little words every woman deserves to hear. 

When your face is as luminous as it is after a few drops of the Minimalist, you will naturally not want to pile products up. I simply drop 3-5 drops on the back of my hand. Dot my face, starting at the center. Blend using my favorite Air Focus Foundation Brush. 

I usually top the look off with BARE for instant moisture and a tint of color and I’m out of the door. That’s it, ladies. Easy, 5 minute healthy complexion. 


I hope it’s beautiful where you are. 

Stay healthy and beautiful.


With love,



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Christina Jones Uncommon Beauté
Christina Jones Uncommon Beauté

May 28, 2015

Hi there!
I love your beautiful products and met you last summer at ANFGB. I’d love to try your minimalist foundation and wondering if you sell samples of the colors. I have fair to medium combo skin with yellow undertones. Can you suggest a color? Thank you and have a beautiful day!!!
Chrissy :)

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