First Thing In the Morning: Healthy Start. Healthy Skin!

First Thing In the Morning: Healthy Start. Healthy Skin!

I wanted to talk about the best way to prepare your body for the day ahead. While you were sleeping your body had been working overtime repairing and regenerating tissues, building bone and muscle, and strengthening the immune system.  Upon arising, your body is highly dehydrated.

So, first in the morning, on an empty stomach, grab a glass (or two, or even three) of water and squeeze a fresh whole lemon into it and drink up as you are preparing for the day.

So simple, yet I only know a handful of people who do it religiously.  Those people usually experience better digestion, glowing skin, and more energy and mind clarity through the day. Why?

  • Water and lemon hydrate and alkalize the body
  • Lemons oxygenate the body
  • It also stimulates liver enzymes for healthy digestion, bile movement and detoxification
  • Supply anti-oxidant Vitamin C, immune system booster
  • Lemon provides electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium, which aid better hydration, muscle function maintenance and blood pressure control
  • Lemon flavonoid glycosides hesperetin and naringenin enhance anti-oxidant Vitamin C capability (make it even more beneficial) and help circulation

Imagine what a daily ritual like this can do for your overall health. It’s been proven by ancient Japanese and Chinese medicine and  a bit less ancient Gressa. Regulate your digestion, prepare your stomach for food consumption, purify your liver, kidneys and skin.

Drink up!

Yours truly,

Svetlana Sanchez

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