first day of summer // soak up the sun the healthy way

first day of summer // soak up the sun the healthy way

Hi beauties,

I often get asked about SPF, whether we are launching one or what brand to recommend.  Truth be told, I don't wear or believe in SPF.  I personally have always been sensitive to even the most gentle physical sunblocks  The Sun is a powerful source of energy and is absolutely necessary for us to survive.  Without the Sun we produce no Vitamin D, the happy vitamin that is responsible for your good mood as well as proper immune functions

Now, if you're an allopathic dermatologist or an aesthetician, you will probably think I'm crazy and completely wrong.  And, for extreme cases of extra sunny vacations, perhaps you are right, we should SPF it up.  However, most people in the world (unless you live somewhere sunny) are Vitamin D deficient, which makes for a lot of not so happy, not so healthy people (see links in the previous paragraph). 

Yet, the biggest culprit in aging (premature or timely) is the Sun.  

Our philosophy on sun + skin: 

1. Cover up. No SPF 500+ will protect you as thoroughly as a hat and some polorized sun glasses (we are focusing on face here).

2. Internal SPF - eat the rainbow. Foods rich in beta-carotenes, flavonoids, lycopene, Vitamin E and C and Omega-3's all contribute to your skin's ability to protect itself from the damaging sun rays.

3. Natural oils - raspberry seed oil and rice bran oil [and a few other oils]  possess a special nanostructure that has self-antioxidative properties, exhibiting the ability to provide broad sun protection while remaining harmless and undetectable. Read the abstract clinical study here

4. Help your skin - night time repair is essential to keeping your sun damage at bay. 

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