Drench Yourself in Goodness

Drench Yourself in Goodness

Someone asked me the other day what would be one beauty item I’d want to have on a deserted island. Now, I’m a strict #gressa user and if I could have the whole line with me, I would. But, to stick to the one-item-deserted-island-must-have, I would have to say, I’d bring coconut oil.

Now, I know, you don’t bring sand to the beach, but making coconut oil is a long process. Plus, who knows, maybe it would be a deserted island with NO coconuts?!? I hope if I ever do get stuck on a deserted island it has an unlimited access to coconuts, because I see it as one of the few perks of actually being stuck on a deserted island! Off topic here… So, here’s why I want to constantly drench myself in this goodness!

Use it, slab it, love it as:

1. Natural Sunscreen (SPF of 7!!!)
2. Cuticle Softener
3. Shaving Cream
4. Makeup Remover
5. Massage Oil
6. Hair Conditioner
7. Deodorant

I also recommend to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil per day to moisturize your skin from within! It is the ultimate skinfood™.

Wheew… And it smells divine. Any questions?!

Svetlana Sanchez
Skin Apothecarist and Founder
Beauty from the outside in™

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