Instant Gratification

What is taking over weekly beauty treatments of many women from the UK to Hong Kong?

The Pumpkin Peel Clarifying Masque


This magic mask contains no fillers. Every ingredient is this treatment is a beauty secret. Licorice will lighten pigmentation, enzymes and minerals in raw pumpkin will make you glow like a queen and hyaluronic acid will reduce fine lines and plump your skin. 


What makes this treatment such an instant gratification-type of a masque is the fusion of vitamins, minerals and soothing ingredients that work beautifully together to deliver some pretty incredible instant results. This mask is rich in sulfur, which is the star of the show (besides pumpkin, of course!). Sulfur soothes inflammation, redness, reduces breakouts and JUST. MAKES. YOUR. SKIN. SO. SOFT.

This masque is still up for grabs in EVERY (every, as in EVERY) order we send out until October 29th. We have literally used pounds and pounds of fresh organic pumpkin to replenish our weekly stock. Customers are requesting for us to make it a staple in the GRESSA line and [fearing that we don't] are making multiple orders to get a few jars to last them a while. 

We're really considering moving it from a seasonal gift treat to a permanent resident of our superstar lineup. In the meantime, make sure to snatch one up during these last days of October. 


I tried this last night…felt the tingle immediately (it subsided), and left it on for a bit over 3 minutes, because everything makes me break out. This did not! My skin feels and looks great! So soft and smooth. I might only use it once per week, for now, because of my sensitivity. But, I will definitely use it!!

Edi October 25, 2014

I received a sample of this mask yesterday and used it that very evening. It was wonderful! It made my oily/acne prone skin smooth and glowing. I have never had glowing skin before! I would love to see this added to your regular line of products. I would definitely buy it!

Sandra October 17, 2014

How do I order the masque? I don’t see it listed in the shop for purchase. Let me know – want to try this so bad!

Corinne M. October 11, 2014

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